Can EECP Replace Bypass Surgery?

When heart patients and families are notified that they require bypass surgery/stent or angioplasty as soon as possible for their heart channel blockages, they are terrified. The majority of patients begin seeking a nonsurgical option to bypass surgery or angioplasty as soon as they receive this awful news. 

It has been demonstrated that EECP therapy, also known as Natural Bypass, improves nearby new blood arteries without the need for stents or bypass surgery. Therefore, it is unnecessary to remove the blockages since fresh blood may flow naturally around this clogged artery, rendering it unimportant.

Patients must also keep in mind that bypass surgery and angioplasty are only necessary if the patient becomes unstable. However, many stable people are inappropriately counseled to have bypass surgery and angioplasty. 

When compared to bypass surgery, many patients find that EECP treatment is significantly more advantageous since it is nonsurgical, as they would prefer, safe, and thoroughly confirmed by science with proof. You can also get EECP treatment from EECP Treatment navsari center, Heart Center Surat or Heart hospital in Gujarat.

When Do I Require EECP?

Patients who experience persistent angina, breathing difficulty, and other illnesses brought on by restrictions and limitations in the blood supply to the heart and who have not improved with more conventional therapies like dietary modifications and medication are frequently ideal candidates for EECP.

The typical EECP patient is disabled by angina and associated symptoms but does not yet require or is not a suitable candidate for more invasive treatments. Patients frequently find themselves unable to complete several common everyday tasks because they lack the strength or capacity to do so.

How Is EECP Treatment Performed?

Patients lie on a bed with a set of pressure cuffs (similar to huge blood pressure cuffs) wrapped around their calves, thighs, and buttocks. The electrical cuffs transport the blood from the legs to the heart by inflating and deflating in time with the heartbeat.

The enhanced blood flow is provided to the heart at the exact moment when it is relaxing and blood flow via the coronary veins is at its peak. The pressure in the cuffs immediately decreases as the heart starts to beat again.

How Long Does The EECP Therapy Take In Total?

The total number of hours spent on EECP therapy is 35. Every day, the patient receives one hour of therapy. It must be completed five days a week. If a patient misses a treatment session, the doctor will modify the remaining sessions so that the 35-hour treatment cycle may be completed. Studies show that after 35 hours of EECP therapy, patients may get alleviation that lasts for up to three years.

What Advantages Does EECP Therapy Offer?

An easy, risk-free, and non-invasive therapeutic option is EECP therapy. The following are the reasons why it is regarded as a successful treatment:

  • It is incredibly affordable because it avoids surgery and a hospital stay.
  • It doesn't interfere with the patient's regular routine, and it gives them more energy.
  • It makes it possible for the patient to go back to work and have an active lifestyle.
  • It causes fewer or no angina attacks in patients, as well as less unpleasant angina episodes, allowing them to travel farther distances without suffering any chest discomfort.
  • It lessens the patient's requirement for antianginal drugs.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of EECP Therapy?

Patients may feel moderate skin irritation in the places under the treatment cuffs as well as muscle or joint pain.


A few patients feel dizzy after the initial sessions, although this generally wears off during the first week. Patients seldom have shortness of breath that necessitates hospitalization and treatment. Your EECP therapist is qualified to ensure that your treatments are risk-free and effective.

Is Heart Bypass Surgery A Viable Option For EECP Treatment?

Known as "natural bypass," this therapy is regarded by doctors as a convenient, non-invasive, and secure kind of treatment. According to them, EECP treatment increases the collateral flow of blood and aids in boosting blood circulation throughout the body. 

Individuals with heart failure, coronary artery disease, hypertension, and chest discomfort can all benefit from EECP in addition to patients undergoing bypass surgery. EECP treatment is an option for patients who have already undergone angioplasty or surgery but are still experiencing pain.


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