Which is Better Stent or Bypass?

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is a reduction or blockage of the coronary arteries which is begun with plaque build-up. Coronary artery disease can grade from no symptoms at all to chest pain to a heart attack. Medical plans such as stents or bypass surgery can be used to treat coronary artery Indisposition.

Choosing an EECP treatment choice is usually a personal decision. Each system has its own set of risks and benefits. Many things are taken into deliberative including the number of the blockages and where they are located. The preferences of the patient, in addition to those of the cardiologist, are addressed after deciding which the better outcome is.

In certain instances, the option is apparent. However, there are accurate unclear regions. Sometimes it does not seem clear that one alternative is higher than the other. This article will discuss the benefits and risks of stents and bypass surgery in curing CAD in order to realize which is better.


A stent is a little metal or plastic pipe that is used to unblock a clogged coronary artery. When growth of cholesterol clogs an artery, a stent can be used to restore blood flow and impair the risk of a heart attack.

Angioplasty is called Stenting too, where a wire is threaded in the coronary artery to be stented. The activity is done through a small puncture in an artery of the groin or cell. It is a scantly invasive procedure. In the location of the block, a stent is inserted that is like a part of the renal artery. This stent opens up the artery and ensures the right blood flow. The stent is forever placed in the artery so that blood flow residue uninterrupted. There are stents receivable now that have a drug coating on them. These stents help lower the chances of any blood clots. Angioplasty is a much more frequently performed method today, and many of the Top Vascular Surgery hospitals in surat are well-suited for undertaking this procedure.

Bypass Surgery:

Heart bypass surgery, too about known as Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery (CABG). It generates a bypass around a blocked artery by transferring a blood vessel between the aorta and the coronary artery, or highway leading to the heart muscle to advance blood flow to your heart. It is somewhat rampant to require two to four grafts, known as a double, triple or quadruple bypass.

In CABG or Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting surgery, the doctor makes a severance in the chest. Following the severance, he/she repairs the concerned artery by detaching the portion which is not well and then stitching the ends simultaneously. At times, an artery from some other section of the body is used to replace a part of the diseased artery. This method is also referred to as open-heart surgery and is a judicial procedure.

Which is Better Stent or Bypass?

The choice between stenting and bypass surgery can be hard at times. A verdict can be made after a careful estimation by the cardiologist which includes examining the asperity of the CAD, the number of vessels that requirement to be repaired, and medical history, among other things.

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what is eecp

Enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP) treatment is an FDA-approved outpatient therapy for chronic stable angina. It uses pressure on the lower limbs to improve blood flow in people with long-term symptoms of heart disease, such as chest pain and pressure.

how effective is eecp treatment

Many people experience improved blood flow and reduced symptoms of angina for several years after treatment. In some cases, you may need another course of EECP therapy.